Sharing news to social media

Methods to make social media sharing easier in the Millstream CMS

Sites that have a News Feed, Blog or similar functionality have some built in tools to better facilitate social media sharing.

There are two aspects to setting this up. It's most likely the Social Media Preferences were set-up when the site was developed but these could need review from time to time.

Site Preferences

The web site Assets > Preferences > Social Media - plug in any accounts that apply to your organisation

Share Buttons

You can choose to have share buttons appear with your news articles. This makes it easier for others to share your content. 

You can choose if they should appear above or below your content using the tools located in the web site Assets > Preferences > Info panel (Pictured below). This just sets up your preference - you can choose to display them or not on a post-by-post basis when creating an article.

Using Social Media Buttons on an article

With the social media preference settings now set-up - the options to display share buttons appear as shown below.

The example above when published online displays as shown below:

Helpful Tools:

Facebook Debugger is a great tool to check how your post will appear on Facebook before you share it. It provides a great opportunity to check how the image and text will display before sharing creating an opportunity to make adjustments.

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