Adding a new product

Adding new products is done under the Products tab. As shown below. 

This will open a blank product record to fill out. The example below is a product in a fishing shop but the generic criteria can be applied to most store products.

Next add any options that do not affect price. This could be multiple colours, different fragrances, and/or size options that the product can be purchased in. 

Now add any options that do effect price. It could be multiple features and/or materials. See the examples below.

When you have completed filling out the basic product information - do use the green save button to lock that information in. Still in your product record... you want to switch across to the Attachments panel to upload a photo or more of your product.

Attachments (Product Photos)

Use the Upload functionality in the right hand column to add the photos to this product record. Once uploaded you may with to insert a Title and Description into the image information fields.

Product Online

If you are ready to show your product online - just check back to the Info panel for this product (where you started plugging in the information... and check that the STATUS field has Online selected.


Make sure to Save your work.

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