Linking to products

If you have an online shop in the Millstream CMS then there are a few ways you can link to your products.

The Product Search is a great helper! Check if you have a Product Search showing at the top of your shop.

Try searching on one of your product ranges. In the example below the search query is "KeepCup"

In this store there are 6 products returned.

So if you want to promote your KeepCup range - you can include a photo and a button link in your newsletter that uses the search query string. Copy it from your address bar and paste it as the link into your newsletter.

Search Query String

Have a look at the search query string in the address bar. It will be something like:

You can use search strings like this to link to particular product ranges in a newsletters or via social media.

Using the Product ID Number to locate individual products

If you put a product ID into the search field it will return the product that matches.

This allows you to identify a unique URL that links to just one single product - and this can be useful for specific promotional purposes.

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