Deleting old files

The path (or link) to a PDF file is independent / separate to the path to a web page.

This can create the situation where a web page has been taken offline so the web page text is no long visible but an accompanying PDF file can still be located via a web search particularly in the instance whereby other web sites linked to that file.

There are a couple of approaches to deal with this situation to remove old material from visibility online.

If you have a Site Manager login to the Millstream CMS then your permissions might give you access to see the File Manager tab. If you have login access but don't see this tab in your console after log-in - please get in touch.

Site Manager > File Manager Tab

Visit the File Manager tab to locate the folders containing out dated material. 

Click on the Pages folder icon to see all of the folders associated with pages on your web site.

Locate the Pages folder and click on the folder icon

Next you need to locate the folder associated with the web page. 

The key to doing this is to know what Page ID you are looking for. What page of the web site was the PDF associated with? You might need to look under the Site Manager tab to verify.

In the example pictured below the file was attached to a web page titled "Flight of the Bumble Bee" that had a Page ID (the text in brackets) of fbb. 

Use the browser "find" function to locate the folder you wish to update. Shortcut Control+F or ⌘F on a Mac.

So in the example shown below we search for a folder named "fbb".

Having located the material there are a number of ways to remove it. Your choice will depend on how you wish to use this material in future.

Method: Deleting the File

Once you locate the folder you are looking for - click on the folder icon to open it.

Inside you will find the PDF(s) located.

You can choose to delete the file as shown below -

A dialogue box will ask for confirmation.

On confirmation your file will be deleted.

Method: Renaming the Parent Folder

Renaming the parent folder will effectively change / break the existing path or link to the file. this is a good method to use if you want to keep the material for your own internal use but wish to break existing links. 

Select the folder name and type in the new name to use this method.

Method: Extra Assistance Required

If you have a large database and over time have accumulated a lot of outdated material that is burdensome to manage manually via the methods outlined above - please get in contact with us and provide details about your situation so that we can provide assistance to remove.

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