Creating "richslide" content

Millstream CMS supports turning panels into a series of "slides" using our "rich slide" functionality so that a set of individual panels work like a traditional slider.

These examples below show how this would typically look within the Site Manager set-up:

Choose a naming scheme that works for you.

The first example the slides are labelled in sequence. This can have shortcomings if you shuffle the order later!

You may prefer to name your slides more descriptively to help identify what content is contained inside them - this example shows how that might look:

Panel settings - the key to "richslide" operation

The key to making your panels operate as a set of slides instead of a scrolling stack is to add the "richslide" style in the SettingsPanel dimension and colours settings as shown below:

in the context of the overall panel settings this looks like:

Apply this style in the same location on each of the panels you wish to include in your slider.

For consistency of your slide show also make sure your panels are set to the same panel height.

Save your work. You may need to reload / refresh and clear the cache for these settings to update on your site.

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