URL Redirects

If content has been deleted or disabled on your site then creating redirect links can usefully direct readers to newly updated information. This tool can also be useful to avoid visitors to your site receiving "Page Not Found" messages.

Set up redirects using the built-in URL Map tool that you can find to the right of the Site Manager tab as pictured below.

Please note - If you do not see this tab in your account then please get in touch with us for assistance to grant you access - your user permissions will need to be updated.

Identify the path to the old outdated material - you only need from from / view/to-the-end as shown below:

In the URL Map tool this will form your incoming URL.

Paste or type the path to the outdated content that will be (has been) removed or deleted into the URL IN field:

Identify the path to the current material - you only need from from /view/to-the-end as shown below:

Next paste or type the path to the current content into the URL OUT field as shown below:

Add new URL map

The steps above will result in a set-up as shown below:

If everything looks correct then select the "Add" button and the new URL map will be added to the bottom of the page. 

Don't be alarmed by what might be an existing long list of URL Map items. The system is constantly updating and making these dynamically as you work.

Constant System URL Map Updates

The system is constantly updating its index and creating URL redirects as it needs to reflect updates that you make as you edit. You will notice the URL Map listing is constantly updating automatically as you work. It will look something like this:

Much of the time you don't need to specifically worry about manually updating URL map but it can be useful for ensuring your visitors have a good experience in locating information on your site.

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