Tracking codes

To add tracking codes to Millstream CMS sites check to see what is in place under the Assets tab.

Tracking codes add an extra step to pages loading - do keep in this in mind when adding these tools. Remove the tracking codes if your tests or services are no longer needed as this will immediately improve page loading speeds.

Adding your tracking code

Newer MillstreamCMS sites have built-in support for a range of tracking codes including:

  • Facebook analytics pix
  • Google analytics
  • Google site verification
  • Google add words
  • Google tag manager
  • Hubspot tracking ID
  • Helpscout Beacon ID

If you wish to add a snippet of code not covered in the above list - reach out to us to enquire about the best method to include your code. 

To add code - look first under the Assets tab

Please note - If you are unable to see the Assets tab along the tabs at the top, alongside the Site Manager tab, then it's likely that you don't currently have enough permissions to see that content. Get in touch with Millstream about updating your user permissions.

Assets > Preferences > Analytics

Once the Preferences pane is open - select the Analytics information to see what tracking codes are in place and potentially add new ones.

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