assets tab

Items under the Assets tab

You might have user permissions that provide you with access to a tab called "Assets".

This provides access to some of the web site template items - such as the footer and other web site elements that don't change very often.

Sites build using our "Single" template system will see the following items under the "Assets" tab. Please note a lot of information previously listed as seperate Asset items are now contained within the "Preferences" section.

Some sites will see a raft of items under the Assets tabs from Banner graphics, to Google Analytics tracking codes, Quicklinks menu items, and social media links as pictured below.

Updating the footer

Any Asset items can be edited or updated by selecting the appropriate link from the left hand side. For example to update the footer, select that item and it will open for editing. By default these items might open on the "Info" or "Settings" pane. Choose "Content" or "Layout" to see the footer text and / or images that you wish to edit.

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