Background Video

Some Millstream CMS templates support panels with background video.

To use this feature we recommend hosting the video on the Vimeo service for the best results.

Implementing a background video for an entire panel is undertaken on the 'Settings' for the page / panel that you are working on.

Scroll down until you see the following set of tools pictured below. Note the right hand option 'Background video settings'.

Fill-out the Background Video Settings fields for your video: 

  • Video URL
  • Video Title
  • Choose Display on Mobile and Desktop, or Desktop only.
  • Default background image (shown when video is not displayed).

Upload an image to use in case of situation where the video is not displayed. Selecting one of the frames from the video can work well for this purpose. Upload your image under the attachments tab and then select it here.

Choose if you want to create a looping background video or not. A clever idea is to host a small video 10 or so seconds long that you set to loop and then use a button link set-up to overlay the video on the content of the page to invite your audience to watch the full video.

Example showing the Background Video Settings filled out below.

Here are some screenshots showing ways these background video's are then featured in real world web site examples. Note the nice use of overlaying information in the content of the panel and the use of "buttons" to invite further exploration of the topic.

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