Block Quote Elements

The Millstream CMS has a default style in place for quotes and pull out text. The default appearance of this text is pictured below:

Creating a block quote or pull-out text

Select the text you wish to pull-out and use for your quote and then use the Blockquote tool (" icon) located on the bottom line of the editing the tool dashboard (right hand side) as pictured below.

Using the cite tag

The HTML   <cite> tag defines the title of a creative work (e.g. a book, a poem, a song, a movie, a painting, a sculpture, etc.).

The text in the   <cite> element usually renders in italic.

Currently this needs to be manually added into the html as the editing widget does not yet include an easy method to insert this. We are looking at options to add this in.

The  Source Code (angled brackets) button is located at the top of the editing widget - as pictured below. 

Inserting the cite tag

Select the source code tool (angled brackets icon) from the dashboard to access the code to see how the block quote / pull-out text is marked-up.

Manually add the opening and closing tags for the   <cite></cite> element.

In the Source Code screen picture above note how the citation sits within the block quote tags along that bottom line. Match how this is done with your own citation.

   <cite>Excerpt from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll</cite> 

Bespoke Styling

We can assist to add bespoke styling for the block quote element to enhance the visual design on your web site. 

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