On occasions you may wish to add extra space between elements.

Please note: If you regularly want to add space the overall web site style sheet may need adjustment. If you find that you always want to more space below every H1 or H2, or every time you use a table or some regular occurrence - please don't keep using spacers! Reach out to us to adjust the style sheet.

Adding a spacer

Place your cursor in the content area where you wish to add space.

From the dashboard choose the horizontal line tool from the top bar of the dashboard.

This will add a horizontal rule to your content area. With your cursor click right onto the line so that it becomes selected... as pictured below...

While the horizontal rule is still selected - go to the Paragraph > Paragraph menu and from the drop-down select Spacer.

This will transform your horizontal rule from a line to a space. In the editor it will appear as pictured below.

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