Embed Instagram Photo

The steps to embed an instagram photo are:

Select photo and options

Go to you instagram account and select the photo you want to embed. Select the three dots - as this is an indication that there are options available.

Choose Embed

Once you have clicked on the three dots - choose the "Embed" option to display a particular image on a web page.

Follow the prompts to "copy" the embed code as shown in the image below:

Once you have copied the embed code it will be sitting ready on your clipboard for use.

In the Content Management System open the page / panel for editing that contains the Instagram photo.

Editing the panel in the Site Manager

In the Content Management System locate the page / panel for that contains the Instagram photo and choose to "edit".

By default your page / panel will open on the "Settings" pane. Choose the "Content" option as shown in the picture below. This will show you the page layout and the items placed on that panel /page.

In the first column you will see the contents currently showing from Instagram. Click into the editing region to activate the editing tools and then select the angled brackets "Source code" icon.

Select all and then "paste" your new Source Code that you already have ready on your clipboard to replace the current code.

Once you have completed this you can choose "Save" on the dialogue box. You also need to select "Save" on your page to commit the changes to the web server.

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