News Articles

Adding a "News article" for sites using the articles system:

Starting a new post

Go to the "News" or "Articles" tab and select  New...


On the  Settings section complete the following fields...

    Title Required   Enter the story title, keep it succinct - this will become the primary link to the article.
Panel ID Required   Leave as-is with the auto-generated ID.
Description Required   Enter a short sentence description of your article
Note Optional   Not used on the web site. Literally a place where you can leave a note to provide info to yourself or colleagues.
Categories Optional   It's possible to categorise articles that can then be used to filter the articles - for example schools will often categorise an article by Year Group and subject matter such as Art, Sport, STEM, and Camps.
Thumbnail Recommended   A square or landscape image is ideal as long as the main focus is central to the image so that it still works when the image is cropped into a square.
Publish Date Required   [NB: Set the date last - only when article content is completed and is ready to go online]. Choose the date/time this article is published. Once set, if you need to take an article offline you will need to  clear the date. Setting a future publish date will trigger the page to go online on that date. This is handy if you want to schedule items in advance.
Expiry Date Optional   Setting an expiry date will take the page  offline on that date.
Status Required   Set to  Online to make the article accessible - please note - to take an article Offline the publish date will need to be cleared.
Target Not Required   The target type determines if the link opens a "new window" / "browser tab" or triggers a "pop-up" to overlay the current window. If no target is set the link loads in the same window - which is most often recommended and the default setting.


Under the  Content tab put together the text and images to create your news story.


See the example pictured below showing the Settings panel of a news feed Article filled out.

Sample Article content - in this instance the article text is in the first editing region with photo gallery underneath to display the student's work.

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