Stacked vs Standard Folders and Pages

The Millstream CMS Site Manager supports two distinct methods for organising content – Folders/Pages and Stacks/Panels

Depending on your website requirements - your content may be arranged using Folders and Pages, or Stacks and Panels - or it may use both.


Stacks/Panels provides the ability to create very complex pages, requiring a variety of different sections of content to appear on one page. It's also used on some sites to allow editors a much more free-form control over the content of the website – providing an infinite number of possible layout combinations on a page by page basis.

Folders and Pages

Folder can contain one or more Pages or sub Folders. Each online item inside a folder will be shown in the websites main navigation menu and each is a distinctive page to be viewed separately online.

In the Site Manager, Folders and Pages look similar to the image below:

With Folders and Pages - each item in the folder is to appear on the website as a separate page:

Stacks and Panels

Like a standard Folder, each Stack can contain one of more Panels or sub Stacks. However, each online item inside a Stack will be shown at the same time when viewing a Stack, and each Panel is not intended to to be a distinctive separate Page to be viewed separately online.

In the  Site Manager, Stacks and Panels look similar to the image below:

With  Stacks and Panels - each item in the stack will appear at the same time, displayed one on top of another – as a stack:

Changing between the two methods

Some sites default to one method or the other, and some sites allow the method to be changed on a folder by folder basis.

To turn a Folder into a Stack and visa-versa, edit the Folder:

From the Show Folder Content As menu, choose the required option:

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