Table properties

Tables should be reserved for tabulated data only.

Wherever possible avoid using tables as a means to lay-out content. Speak with us if you want some suggestions as to how to present information.

Use Percentage widths

When using tables stick to percentage widths to help your table stretch and contract naturally on various screens and devices. If you use a specific pixel width then you may run into problems with the display of the data on mobiles and smaller screens.

Avoid Height measurements - delete if you see them

Height - delete any heights that you spot in the table, table row, table column or cell properties. When there is a height measurement this can really scramble how text appears on mobile devices.

Avoid any height measurements - clear them (delete) them if found.

Check table properties at all levels - row, column and cell properties to clear any odd measurements.

Remove height properties. Keep widths to percentages

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