Embedding a File List

If your site uses the File List plugin, you can embed an automatically generated grid of file downloads on a page.

1. On the Content tab, in one of the panels, choose File List and then tick Display File List:

2. On the Attachments tab, upload the required files and set an appropriate Title and (optionally) Description for each file.

If you do not want a particular file to appear as a file download box on the public page, simply untick that file.

You can also drag the boxes to change the display order.

Once you've saved, view the page on the public site, and Millstream CMS will automatically do the following for you:

  • Display a grid with a thumbnail image of the document
  • Any PDF file will automatically show the first page as the thumbnail
  • Any images will be shown as the image
  • Other files will simply show a generic icon
  • If you enter a title in the attachment list, it will be shown
  • If you enter a description in the attachment list it will be shown
  • The filetype and file size is shown
  • A download button is shown
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