Adjusting Image Cropping

Some plugins such as the  Feature Images plugin, Background Image plugin or Slider Plugin have options to adjust the cropping of the images when displayed.

The basic functionality works the same in all cases.

Image Cropping control

The  Image Cropping control is a grid of 9 boxes to adjust how the displayed image are to be cropped.

By default no cropping or positioning is applied, which results in the image being cropped and positioned in the centre.

To force an image (for example) to crop from the top left hand corner - click the corresponding box on the Image Cropping control:

In the above example, the image will have the bottom and right hand edges trimmed off to fit on screen

To crop from a different orientation, click on another box.

To undo this adjustment - clicking on the same box (with the solid black dot) will remove the setting and return the cropping to the default option.

Crop Alignment

Further adjustment to enhance the success of obtaining the cropping you need can often be achieved through the use of these extra controls to "detect faces" and "detect features".

Displayed Results

There are a lot of factors when trying to automate the best results for displaying the image. In many cases, the resulting image is very likely to appear as a landscape oriented image when displayed on a desktop machine and then as a portrait, square or vertical image on a mobile device! Therefore it's often a balance of making the one image appear with the best odds of working successfully in both orientations... 

The CMS cropping tool controls will allow you to adjust the cropping - but in some cases it will not be sufficient - especially in narrow top banners or sliders. Therefore, if the above Image Cropping tool does not provide a satisfactory result you may need to contact us for advice (or you may be able to manually crop the image to be uploaded).

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