Creating Links

The screencast below demonstrates creating a link within the content of a page to another page on the website, plus optionally, making the link look like a button:

The specific steps are:

  • Select the text to make a link
  • Click the Link icon
  • Paste in the URL of the page you wish to link to (you can view the live site in another browser tab, and copy the URL from the browsers address bar)
  • If you are linking to another page on the current website - it's generally a good idea to clean up the pasted URL by removing the domain name part (everything before /view/). This is not always necessary as the CMS will generally take care of this for you when the page is saved.
  • Click OK to insert the link

At this stage you could save and the link and it would work as expected.

The link will look similar to this: 


If you'd like the link to look like a feature button for visual impact,  click anywhere in the link, then from the Formats menu choose: 'Formats > Button', the link will now be formatted to look like a button when viewed:


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