Creating a link in menus

Sometimes it's necessary to more point visitors to the same content from two different menus on a web site. It might be that the same content logically can be found in more than one section of the site.

To avoid maintaining duplicate pages in several locations it's possible to have a single page and then create a menu items that simply link to it.

To achieve this, 

  1. Create a new Folder in the Site Manager within the menu location you wish you link to appear - this folder name will become the link text.
  2. Edit the Folder, and paste a URL to the destination page into the Link field
  3. Save the Folder, and then return to the Site Manager
  4. The Folder icon should now show as a linked-box, which indicates when someone clicks on this folder on the public website, they will be redirected to the URL pasted in earlier.

The process is demonstrated in the screencast below:

On the public website, when the example folder above Make a Payment is clicked in the main menu, the website will load the URL pasted in previously:

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