Float Image Right

The following clip illustrates the steps to place an image, resize it it and align it to the right.

Place the cursor into the editing region on the line that you want the top of your image to sit.

Insert / Edit Image

Use the Edit/Insert image tool from the top row of the dashboard and select the photo you wish to place from the pop-up dialogue box Image list drop-down select list.

Add an Image Description

Give the Image Description field a meaningful description such as the name of the person photographed. This is also known as “alt text” and not only does it help visitors with accessibility problems use the web site, but it also describes the image content and relates it to your overall page content. Search engines index the images based on this text.

Add Dimensions

Wait a moment for the image file dimensions to populate the Dimensions fields at the bottom of the pop-up dialogue window. Change the Dimension field to resize your photo and make it smaller. Ionian editorial images are placed at 200 pixels wide. Setting the width of the first field will lead the second fill to automatically calculate the height when the Constrain proportions check box is ticked. This keeps the photo correctly proportioned avoiding distortion.

Review selections

Review the selected settings in the Insert/Image dialogue box and then choose the "Ok" button to place the image into the content area.

Format image on page

Whilst the image is still selected (should see square 'handles' in the corners of the image) select the Formats drop down menu from the bottom row of the tool set. Select Float Right from the list of options. The image should immediately jump to the right hand side of the page.

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