Making a basic form

The following steps will allow you to make a basic email form.

Choose the page that you wish your form to appear on and open it for editing.

Select the Web Form from the menu at the top right as shown in the image below.

Form Type

For the Form Type - action choose Spring Form as shown below

Form Details

For the purposes of this form just ignore the section labelled Form Details.

Form Field Definitions

Next item is to prepare our form fields. Look at the first blank 'Form Field Definition' and use the Add Row button to duplicate - add at least five additional Form Field Definition groups as you will need these for even the most basic form.

Type Select Hidden

For your first Form Field Definition set choose Type equals Hidden. (As shown below) This field is hidden from the web page and this is where you will choose the subject line - when the form is submitted on the web site - what subject line do you want for the email that sends the data?

Type: Hidden
ID: subject
Value: <the subject line for the email>

Set up a second Form Field Definition set and again make the Type equal Hidden.

Type: Hidden
ID: to
Value: <email@address> The email address the form will be sent to, usually the website owners email address. You must notify Millstream of the address you have entered here so we can whitelist the address in our spam prevention system.

Visible Fields

Now follow the same steps used above but this time add some other field types that you will be able to see. 

The following fields will be visible on the website allowing visitors to fill in their details. You can modify or add additional fields to suit your needs.
Create a field for visitors to enter their name:
Type: Text 
Label: Name 
ID: name 
Required: [checked]
Create a field for visitors to enter their email address:
Type: Text 
Label: Email 
ID: email - if you give this field an id of 'email' this will be used as the 'from' address when you receive the email - allowing you to simply reply to the email. 
Validate: Email 
Required: [checked]
Create a field for visitors to enter in their message:
Type: Textarea 
Label: Message 
ID: message 
Required: [checked] 

Preview Form

Save your work and then use the View link to preview the form...

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