Uploading and linking to PDF files

Uploading and linking to PDF files is a two part process.

The first task is to get the PDF file up to the web server and the second task is to make the link.

Uploading the file - start at the Attachments tab

Select the "Attachments" tab on the page that you are editing.

Then use the Upload Files button or else "drag and drop" the PDF file(s) into the dotted Upload rectangle as shown below.

The file(s) will appear listed once successfully uploaded.

Linking the file within your page content

Switch across from the Attachments tab to the Content tab.

Within your content area select or type the text that you wish to link to your PDF file and then use the chain icon in the dashboard to "Edit / Insert" link.

Choose your PDF file from the Link list as shown below

The clip below shows the process in it's entirety.

If you have multiple PDF files to display you might prefer to use the  Embedded File List feature.

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