Uploading and linking to PDF files

Start by uploading the PDF file up to the web server - and then it is ready to use...

Uploading the file - start at the Attachments tab

Select the "Attachments" tab on the page that you are editing.

Then use the Upload Files button or else "drag and drop" the PDF file(s) into the dotted Upload rectangle as shown below.

The PDF file(s) will appear listed once successfully uploaded.

Linking the file within your page content

Switch across from the Attachments tab to the Content tab.

Within your content area select or type the text that you wish to link to your PDF file and then use the chain icon in the dashboard to "Edit / Insert" link.

Choose your PDF file from the Link list as shown below:

Other options for PDF presentation include using the Content type - File List facility...

PDF File List

Embed a visual grid of documents using the  File List option. Selection options allow for the inclusion of a title, description, thumbnail and filename combine to provide a visually pleasing link to download the file. For PDF’s - the CMS automatically generates a thumbnail of the first page which creates an appealing display for a set of file downloads and is easier than manually creating a list of text links. 

A sample file list is shown below:

PDF 'Flip Book'

For a multi page PDF a nice display option is to choose to display the Content as a Flip Book. Choose Flip Book from the Display select menu as shown:

- and then choose the PDF file from your list of file attachments...

When you save and preview your page - your pdf file should now be displayed in Flip Book style:

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