Sorting Pages and Folders

To change the order of pages (or folders) in the main menus of your website, you need to enable sorting mode in the Site Manager, then drag and drop the pages (or folders) in the required order.

Enabling Sort Mode

In the Site Manager tab, click the Sort... icon:

When sorting is enabled, the icon changes to a tick:

Clicking the icon again will disable sort mode. When sorting mode is enabled, the Site Manager will surround the contents of folders with tinted boxes to highlight its contents.

Sorting Pages

When sort mode is enabled, you can drag and drop pages and folders into the required order.

As soon as the page or folder is dropped, a confirmation message will appear in the top right of the Manager interface letting you know the change has been made.

This change will be immediately made on the public website (you may need to clear your browser cache or refresh to see the changes).

The video below shows the entire process:

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