Formatting controls

The formatting controls can be seen at the top of the Layout panel and they become active when the cursor is activated within the content region. Watch the screen cast below to see some basic formatting such as headings, italics. emphasis and bulleted lists can be added to the text. Formatting documents is very much like working in any text editor.

Formatting tools are black when activated and ready to use:


Keep to a formula to layout each page to keep the look and feel of the website consistent. If each editor uses the same basic structure that is:

  • Heading 1 for the main page title.
  • Heading 2 for the sub title
  • Heading 3 for minor titles that break up the information and help readers scan the document to find the relevant material.
  • Heading 4, 5, 6 likewise for minor headings and labelling figures.
  • Paragraph text for the main body copy.
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