Creating a New Page

To create a new Page, first decide which Folder you wish to the new page to appear in. (Where does the content best fit within the web site structure?)

Choose the Folder by selecting the title, and from the pop-up menu, select New...

From the dialog that appears, choose New Page:

A new empty page will appear ready for you to enter your content:

By default the page will be Offline, you will need to make the page Online for it to appear in the web site menus, or Invisible or Hidden if you wish to manually link to the page or access it through another means. The basic settings for the page - such as it's title and visibility can be filled out under the Info panel.

Fill out the settings under the Info panel, and enter the page content under the Layout panel. Use the Save button to ensure your work is sent to the web server. To return to the Site Manager simply selecting the Site Manager tab, or the Refresh icon.

You can change the order of the page within it's parent folder by enabling sort mode and dragging the page icon into the desired position.

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