Preparing images for uploading


Identify the end use of for your image. Is it destined to be a web banner, a thumbnail for an article, a product image or simply a photo to accompany an article.

Then end use of your image will determine suitability for the purpose.

Depending on where your image is used within the Millstream CMS, the original version of image uploaded will be stored on our web servers. When a visitor requests a web page our system uses some queries to determine what size and dimensions to serve up the image needed. This means the same image viewed on a mobile phone will be different dimensions to the image as seen on a tablet or desktop screen.

This makes it difficult for us to generalise on image sizes as it really depends on where, and how it will be used on your site. Just upload the best quality version that you have and our system will deal with it!


Is the slot you want your image to go landscape, portrait or square? If the image is cropped to become a thin slice, or needs to fit a square thumbnail slot - keep that in mind.

File Dimensions and File Size

Images have several measures:

  • File dimensions (width and height in pixels)
  • File size (Kilobytes kb or Megabytes MB)

On the web we often think of the above measurements as the size and the weight of an image.

Digital cameras and stock photos

Images from digital cameras, smart phones  or purchased from stock photo libraries can be very large, both in file dimensions and file size. 

We suggest you try out your image and if you run into any problems - get in touch and we'll give you a hand.

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