PDF Metadata

When viewing a pdf file in some browsers, you may see a document 'Title' across the top of the PDF file, not the filename or title you expected.

This is hidden metadata stored in your PDF file, that may have been added when editing the PDF or, metadata set in your original source document (i.e. Microsoft Word).

To change this, you need to either:

  1. Edit the PDF file directly and change the document metadata using Adobe Acrobat Pro, or a third party application that provides PDF editing
  2. Change the metadata in the original document that was used to generate the PDF and save the changed file as a new PDF

The following instructions may be of use in changing the hidden metadata of a word document: 


For older versions of word, the following may help:


In Adobe Acrobat professional you can edit the metadata directly using the following instructions: 

PDF properties and metadata, Adobe Acrobat - Adobe Help Center

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