Google Calendar URL's for Millstream CMS

To embed a Google Calendar into a Millstream CMS site requires copying the 'Public address in iCAL format'

Note: In order to obtain the relevant calendar IDs, the administrator of your organization's Apps account needs to turn on the options for sharing and/or synchronization. This can be done by way of the admin control panel.

Follow these instructions to find the required URL to send to Millstream.

1. Log into Google Calendar in your web browser

2. Access the 'Options' located by selecting the three dots to the right of the Calendar that you wish to use.

3. From the 'Options' select 'Settings and Sharing'

4. Look at the Access permissions and check the option that is:

Make available to public

Please note that Public calendars are not editable by others. It’s only permits viewing.

5. Under the section titled 'Integrate calendar'

Look for the item labelled 'Public address in iCal format'

6. Copy the link / URL displayed

7. Send the link / URL to Millstream

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