Campaign Monitor: Sending your campaign

Choose the campaign that you want to send from your "Campaigns" tab.

Check that the Campaign Snapshot information - that is the name, subject line, who it is from and so on is all correct. Then choose the "Define Recipients" button.

Who will receive the Campaign / Newsletter?

Tick all the lists that you want to include in the mail-out and then select Next.

When would you like to send this campaign?

Send yourself a test email - by selecting "send test" and follow the prompts.

If you are ready to send the campaign then select "Schedule delivery".

You can send it right now or schedule a time in the future...

Choose if you want to send right away or else set the time that you want your readers to get it.

Depending on what plan your organisation is using - the campaign will send if your organisation is on a monthly plan or else you will be asked to Pay for this campaign in which case you will beand prompted to enter a credit card, the software will have one already on file for your organisation. You will see a summary that you can check before sending.

When you choose "Send campaign immediately" the software will queue the newsletter for delivery. You will be notified when it's done and you can then start looking at the campaign stats or the "world view". All done.

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