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If your site uses SnipCart with Pin Payments, the following document outlines the basics of how orders are processed.


Credit Card transactions are processed by Pin Payments - when a customer orders online and enters their credit card details, the money is debited from their account immediately.

If the payment does not go through (for example, due to insufficient funds), the customer is warned on screen and order is not placed.

Once the transaction has completed successfully, both the customer and your configured email address are emailed a full copy of the invoice for reference.

The order will also appear in the SnipCart console – this is the official, secure record of the purchase.

Receiving Funds

Any payments remain with Pin Payments for 7 days. After 7 days, all funds for that day are transferred to your bank account (which you provided when you signed up for Pin Payments) - less transaction fees.

If a customer orders on 1st March, the funds will appear in your bank account on or around the 7th March, less any transaction fees.

Transaction Fees

Pin Payments charge a standard fee on Australian payments of: 1.75% + 30c

Details on Pin Payments pricing, including international transactions can be found on their pricing page.

SnipCart charge USD$10 per month or 2% of total online orders (which ever is larger) - this is done monthly, and fees are charged against your nominated credit card.

All up the transaction fees are approximately 3.75% + 30c per online transaction.

Receiving Orders

When an order is received, firstly log into SnipCart to confirm the order has been placed and the exact details of the order – only use the emailed invoiced as a prompt to remind you to check.

Be aware, it would be possible to send you a fake email without it being easily detectable - we strongly recommend that you establish a procedure to ONLY release goods when verified through SnipCart.


Refunds - or partial Refunds can be made through the SnipCart console - if for example a specific product on the order is out of stock - you can log into SnipCart and modify the order and automatically refund the difference.

Managing Orders

You can manage order processing directly within SnipCart - i.e. you flag orders as ready to ship/pick up and the client is notified automatically.

Releasing Ordered Goods

Once the order is placed successfully in SnipCart - it is safe to release the goods - there is no reason to wait 7 days for the funds to transfer.

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