Enabling Safari Develop Mode

Safari Developer Mode shows behind the scenes information about the loading and status of a webpage.

This information might provide insight into any issues you may be having.

To enable Developer Mode

1. From the Safari menu - choose Preferences...

2. Click the Advanced (cog) icon

3. At the bottom of the Advanced panel, check Show Develop menu in menu bar

4. Close the preferences window

5. In a browser window, visit the page you are having problems with.

6. From the (newly added) top menu item Develop, choose Show Web Inspector

7. A panel should now appear at the bottom of the browser window showing behind the scenes information

Identifying Errors

1. If there are errors appearing similar to below, click on the red stop sign:

2. This will then show the log of errors.

3. You can either take a screenshot of the log (or preferably your entire screen or browser window), or shift-select each line and copy and paste them into an email to send to support.

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