Campaign Monitor: Create a new campaign

Once logged in to the newsletter software use the "Campaigns" tab to see the list of all campaigns sent in the past and to start a new campaign (newsletter).

Create a new campaign

Choose "Create a new campaign" - the button that sits atop the right hand column of the page.

The software will then ask you to fill-out a form with the details for your campaign - how is it to be named? (Term 1 Week 3 – Junior School News) - the naming scheme needs to make sense to you and your colleagues.

Fill-out the subject line that will appear in the recipients mail boxes. Consider what text will encourage people to open your correspondence - everybody gets so much email.

The "from" field will be the email address that represents the sending organisation.

Choose a Template

By default the system will show you a selection of recent emails. Select  "My templates" to start a fresh newsletter.

If you have multiple templates in your organisation just select the one you want to use by clicking on the thumbnail image.

The system will then open the template in the editor where you can commence adding your articles and images as needed.

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