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If your community is quite active on your organisation's Facebook page then you might be keen to embed this on your Millstream CMS web site.

The steps to do this are:

Grab the embed code

Start by visiting the Plugin page on Facebook:

Place the details for your Facebook account and fill out the fields provided. Your example will look similar to the one shown below. Use the check boxes to turn on and off the optional items. Make sure you do tick the option to "Adapt to plugin container width" .

When the preview looks the way you want it. Choose the "Get Code" button.

You can go straight to "Step 2" of the JavaScript SDK option - and use your cursor to select all of the code.

Congratulations. You are now ready to place this code into your web site.

Inserting the code

Once this is done you can swap to the page on your web site in our Millstream CMS.

Choose the content area that you wish to use to display your Facebook feed. 

Place the cursor into this region and activate the editing region by clicking into it as if you were going to type. Once your cursor is blinking - select the angle brackets icon from the editing dashboard... as shown below.

Once the "code" view of your content area has opened up you can paste the code in. It might be the only item in your content area or you might have other content there also. Either is okay. Add the code and then choose the save button in the bottom right hand corner. This will close the pop-up.

Saving and previewing your work

The embedded facebook feed will simply look like a link in Site Manager of the Millstream CMS. You may be puzzled but at this stage your efforts will look much like this:

It's time to Save the page you have been working on. 

Once the page has completed saving - check your work by using the the view link or visit the page on your web site to view the version your visitors will see.


You should now find the Facebook feed is embedded and working on your web site - looking similar to the example shown below:

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