Millstream CMS Features

Millstream CMS has some great features to allow for the rapid creation of custom content.

Each page, or stacked panel, consists of 4 editable regions, with 9 different layout configurations. Each region can display different types of content be it text, form, feature photo, gallery and more.

Content Area Display Types


The  Content option allows you to publish any content using familiar word-processor like controls. The   Content selection is the workhorse of the CMS for easily entering text, images, tables, video’s and hyperlinks. Copy and paste from a MS Word document or email and then upload some images. On saving the page the Millstream CMS will automatically clean up any extra returns and format the content ready for the web. Many of the other editable region choices listed below can be used in conjunction with the standard content included in the region that will appear above the file index, or gallery choice.

Editorial Image

The Editorial Image is a quick and consistent method that you can utilise to include a photo in the top right hand corner of your article. Quickly combine text with a photo that contains a title and description - this is perfect for news articles or blog posts. Note that when this option is selected - the "editorial image" settings appear under the content area so that you can choose which image is inserted (from your attachments list) and then add a Title and Description of your own composition - as pictured below.

When viewed on the web site - the above layout appears as shown...

Feature Image

The  Feature Image option displays the selected image to fill the region edge-to-edge. The image adjusts and crops automatically to work in a responsive setting. The feature image option is great for having text or buttons that overlay a photo. You can achieve some great effects and call to action type regions with this.


The   Galley option creates a grid of square thumbnail images. Viewers selecting a thumbnail will open the full-size larger image. Square images can result in badly cropped thumbnails as landscape and portrait oriented photos are sliced to fit the square. Our Face Detection and Detect Interest options help ensure the best odds of getting the images cropped correctly. Uploading images for the gallery is exceptionally easy - simply drag-and-drop a batch of images within the Attachments panel, wait for them to upload, and then tick the Gallery option. Millstream CMS takes care of the rest - no need to down-sample or edit your images before upload, the CMS will optimise all images on-the-fly. If you don't want a grid of square images - no problem, use the default cropping width and height option to get a different ratio for your gallery.
The default gallery options - 5 columns with a square cropping used to good effect by this cafe.

File List

Embed a visual grid of documents using the  File List option. Selected files will automatically display and fields allow for the inclusion of a title, description, thumbnail and filename combine to provide a visually pleasing link to download the file. For PDF’s - the CMS automatically generates a thumbnail of the first page which creates an appealing display of file downloads.
 Sample File List display is shown below.

This is a great option for sets of materials such as Handbooks, Book Lists, Newsletters, Reports, Reference Manuals, Operational Procedures, Brochure sets, and so forth. Select, shuffle the order and manage file uploads under the Attachments tab.

Card Index

The   Card Index provides a method to pull content from other pages or folders. This is perfect for creating a blog or news feed. Cards can contain any combination of thumbnail image, article title, publish date, description (intro text) and the Cards automatically link to the original page. In addition to new or blog purposes this option can simply be used to display a set of feature pages so keep this tool in mind for highlighting important pages.


Embed a Google Map with a pin centered within the window for the address entered. Simply enter an address, tick map options such as satellite view, road map presentation and what level of zoom is desire and the Millstream CMS will do the rest.

Slider (Slide show)

To display a slideshow of images with optional title overlay, the  Slider option allows for the selection of images from uploaded files and also control over how the slides, titles and descriptions animate.


Embedding video is exceptionally easy - simply enable the Video region option, and paste a url to either a YouTube or Vimeo video. The CMS will automatically generate a thumbnail for the video and embed the required video.


When embedding a PDF the "Flipbook" display option is a good method for larger and colourful documents as shown below:

Web Form    

Embed a   Web Form within a page to provide visitors with a method to submit information. By default the submitted form information is sent to an email address of your choice. We can also setup and configure the site on a form-by-form basis to write the information into spreadsheets which can be securely accessed online. This is perfect for collecting registrations or sign-ups, plus you can monitor the online spreadsheet in realtime and make changes on the fly! Forms can be embedded into any content area to fit into a narrow column or take up the full width of the page.


For sites making use of the built-in Ecommerce options - you can set a region to display a grid of products which visitors can add to a shopping cart and then purchase online. 

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