Anchor links

To link to a specific panel on a scrolling web page, or to create a button at the top of a page that takes visitors to some information lower down the page - you can use an Anchor Link.

1.) Linking to a Panel

If you have a stacked folder and want to link content from one panel to another then you can use the panel IDs to do this. 

In this example I will be create a button link from the Design to panel go to the Projects panel. 

See image below:

In this example we can see that the panel we wish to link too has an ID that is projects - the panel ID is the word or number inside the brackets.

To create your link - select the word, image or graphic that you want to be your starting point and use the link tool in the dashboard. The chain icon.

Give you link the following format -

#section- YourPageID

See the image below

Then save in the dialogue box and also save your web page.

Preview your page and check your work. That should have created the jump down needed.

2.) Standard Anchor Link

This is most commonly use in cases where a set of links at the top of a web page effectively "jump down" to the relevant text below. 

You might start with a list of items at the top of your page::

To make first item in the list above "Lorem" to jump-down to the sub heading Lorem further down the page...

Step One (bookmark).

Go to the location of your content in the main section of your page. This is the the material you want your visitors to read. Choose the bookmark icon from the tool bar as indicated in the red square shown below.

Now give your content a bookmark - or what is known as an "Anchor" point - by giving it a unique ID (identifying word) as shown below and save. 

Step Two (link).

The next step is to go to the top of your page and create a link to the ID (identifying word) that we just made. 

Select the text to link... in our case Lorem from the bulleted list above and then use the Insert/edit link tool (chain icon as indicated in red in the tool bar pictured below).

Then link by using the following format:

#ID that is the hashtag symbol followed by the Anchor ID.

Save the dialogue box and save the web page. Then preview your work. The jump down should be operational. Repeat the process for each anchor link you want to create from the top list.


So what URL would take readers to this section of the page if they were coming in from an external link such as a newsletter?

In that instance the link format would be:
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