Filter by Categories

To make the most of a News Feed with filtering controls it's important to add categories when posting articles.

If you want visitors to your site to be able to just see the 'sport' or 'music' stories then those articles need the correct categories applied.

For ease of applying regular categories - we can set up a default set in the site preferences.

Default set

Here is an example of what a default set might look like. This example is typical of what might be useful for a school web site.

Applying categories to articles

When creating a news article - the categories can be applied on the page Settings panel - just below where the article title is located. It's easy to apply categories - just start typing and the default set items will appear. You can add new categories on the fly too.

Here's what your article set-up will look like as you fill out all categories that apply to your story...

Using the filters on the news feed

When you make use of some basic meaningful categories - it can assist readers to narrow down the stories that most interest them. See how a person visiting the News page might make some selections to find articles of interest.

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