Google mail from printer or scanner verification

1.) Login to the email account that is connected to that device

2.) Select the avatar/user icon for the account and choose "Manage your Google account" from the menu

3.) Select 'Security' from the left hand menu > and then 'App passwords' from the screen there. (See screenshot pictured below).

4.) At this point you will be prompted to sign-in to the account again.

5.) Once signed in again - choose the "App" you want to set a password for going with "Other - Custom name" - as pictured below:

6.) Give your device a name... Printer Scanner or whatever you like... as shown below:

7.) Follow the prompts to generate a password - and then follow the advice in the "How to use it" text shown with the password provided.

These steps shown above outline the same sequence of instructions available via Google help documents

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