When an article is a PDF or link to an external site

These steps are for times when you want to create a news article that either points to information already posted elsewhere or alternatively the information is already all contained in a handy PDF.

For the article to be included in your news feed:

Choose new "Link article"

The title field might be populated with text saying "Template Link" in it by default - change this to be the title of your news article.

For example "Planning a winter vegetable garden" or "Parenting Insight August 2019"

Linking to a PDF

Upload the PDF you wish to link to via the Attachments view of your page. Once it is uploaded successfully it should appear listed as shown below:

Go the the article settings and check all that the form fields are filled out. For a news feed situation the critical field is to select your PDF link from the "link" field. You also want to give your news article a publish date. 

If your news feed uses categories - then add these in also as these can be used in a variety of ways to filter articles via a search query.

Hyperlink situation

This is great for situations when an event is already listed elsewhere such as Eventbrite, Trybooking, or similar.

Fill out the form fields as best you can to work with your unique situation. If you are creating an article that simply points to a hyperlink then your settings will be similar to these pictured below:

In the target field you can choose "New Window" if you want your visitors to go the the external web site in a new browser window and keep your web site still active in the original window.

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