Vimeo embed preferences

Having a Vimeo or YouTube account is a great idea if you are planning to make lots of videos to include on your web site.

You will find that the options for users when embedding Vimeo videos vary depending on what type of paid account you have.

If you want to embed the video on your web site but not have it listed as public on the Vimeo service - then you can still embed the video to you web site even if it is "Private"

To embed a private video -  your Vimeo settings will typically be set-up as follows:

General Settings Menu

After filling out the basic title and description information for your video, look under the General menu for the Privacy settings:

Privacy settings

Typically this is how we will set-up a video if we are hosting it on behalf of a client in a MillstreamCMS site:

Embed Settings Menu

The next menu item to check is the Embed settings:

Controls, Actions and Details - 'Sharing Choices'

Pick and choose the items that work for you. If you don't want people to share your video -  then turn off the ' Share' option under the Actions section – as pictured below.

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