Creating a new folder

When creating a new Folder, first decide where does the content best fit within the web site structure? 

Creating Sub folder (or subdirectory)

A sub-folder is a folder contained within another folder. A sub-folder is ideal if you have a set of documents that you wish to group together within a logical information hierarchy.

When creating a sub-folder start by choosing the Folder you wish it to go into. Selecting the title of this top-level folder and from the pop-up menu, select New...

From the dialog that appears, choose New Folder:

An new empty folder will appear ready for you to enter your settings for that folder. 

Learn about the difference between stacked and standard folders.

By default the folder will be Offline. Learn about the difference between types of visibility that apply to both pages and folders. You can choose to make your folder Offline, Online Hidden and Invisible.

Adding pages

Once you have your folder set-up you can take the next step and create a new page to go inside your new folder.

Sorting pages within folders 

To manage the order of material inside a folder learn how to enable sorting for drag and drop re-organising.

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